Enables customers to overlay the restaurant’s physical menu with the virtual and display lifelike menu items in augmented reality to see exactly what they're getting 

Augment The Way Customers Experience Restaurant Menu

Real Size 4

Customers visualize the real serving size in
a lifelike manner

3D Freedom

Customers can watch the dish from all sides in 360 degree, AR mode

Beauty Details

You can see every detail of the dish and its composition before placing order

Eat with your Eyes!

While traditional menus push consumer to monotonous reading, appeteyes delivers instant and pleasing ordering experience and make your customers to be satisfied in record time.
With appeteyes customers see mouthwattering models of your cuisine before even placing an order
Enhance your ordering experiance in a new compelling way and struggle no more with your appetite! 

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Say goodbye to the old way!

Let's make order anxiety and menu overload a thing of the past, and see our way into the future. By incorporating a virtual menu experience into your existing menu, customers will seamlessly transition into a more informative and visually attractive meal ordering age.
Our vision is to make your customers satisfied at every level of their dining experience. 

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Works everywhere

In order to receive 100% customers satisfaction we supporting all available AR systems including WebAR, ARCore, ARKit and deliver most advanced and innovative 3d scanning solutions.

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How Does Appeteyes Add Value?

Enhance Customer Engagement

Appeteyes AR solution helps you transform the customer journey into an immersive

Increase Sales

With Appeteyes AR solutions, Retailers are able to showcase their products

Create AR Marketing

Appeteyes AR solution provides a new level of convenience and better tactics to

Increase Conversion Rate

Appeteyes AR solution is allowing your customers to visualize your products

Use cases from the future

In Restaurant Food Ordering

Appeteyes augmented reality food menu allows restaurants to present their menu in 3D, offering amazing visualization of their cuisine and provides unlimited interactive user experience.

Location-based advertising

Use Snapchat or Instagram to Enhance your marketing campaigns with realistic 3D food content and stunning visuals

WebAR experiences

Web based Augmented Reality provides incredible customer experience. Integrate Augmented Reality to your business for better customer engagemen

AR Food on Facebook

Facebook allows users to interact with AR content on iOS and Android through their app.
Take your menu to the world with realistic 3D food assets

AR Storytelling

We start building highly immersive and interactive scenes! Use Lifelike 3D assets as medium to dramatically improve customer engagement.

Interactive 3D Ads

Appeteyes can now create 3D, interactive banner ads. With 3D ads, shoppers are able to experience your products and explore them in more detail than through any static image. They can zoom in, zoom out, rotate and configure the product.

Bring your menu to life and satisfy every customer, every time with Appeteyes

Our offers

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$29 /Month
Minimum 3 month

  • 3D scanning: 1 item
  • Cloud hosting
  • Analytics
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$299 /Month
Minimum 12 month

  • 3D scanning: 10 items
  • Instagram AR filter
  • Snapchat AR filter
  • Cloud hosting
  • Analytics
  • Then $50 per added item
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$199 /Month
Minimum 12 month

  • 3D scanning: 10 items
  • Cloud hosting
  • Analytics
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About our company

Appeteyes is region's leading 3D-AR production studio, working on high-end quality content creation for restaurant and advertising industries. While still working in traditional media, studio has a strong focus on innovative AR experience's development and 3d scanning technologies
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Sergei Vasilevich

Co-founder / Tech Director

Full Stack Developer and Astute Strategist with an extensive track record executing innovative, cost-effective IT solutions within this new medium for visualization and engagement.

Derek Mazzaferro

3d Scanning Technician

Master Level 3D Scanning Technician, committed to engage with scanning processes. He also provides with unique skills and leadership abilities that are of benefit to support the quality of customer service.

Meifeng Yao

Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultant with an experience of supporting goal-oriented business solutions to meet organizational needs and analyzing business operations.

Tim Wallis

Business Development

Process Designer with experience in project coordination, requirements analysis, strategic planning, & tactical implementations.

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